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Monday, March 21, 2016

Good Golly Miss Molly

It’s amazing what a good ole’ shave and shower can do for most everyone, and Molly is no exception.   This girl got a haircut and a bath and she’s ready to set the world on fire.   She’s this little ball of energy that’s just wanting to see everything she can.   Right now, most what she sees is only 4” in front of her nose as it’s glued to the ground when we walk....but there’s still a ton of ground to cover even like that!   There are all sorts of new and wonderful (to her) smells to take in.   Molly is a blast to walk with and so much fun to watch.   It’s amazing to see someone learn right before your eyes.   It’s watching a mind develop and grow.   
In the interest of full disclosure, I wrote this last week when I walked Molly.   I had another obligation this Monday, so I wasn’t able to be at One Of A Kind.   Don’t click somewhere else though…...I still learned something and it’s a lesson that I’ve always tried to live by, but needed a refresher course on.
During our walk, we went all over the place.  Left, right, down the middle, across the grass, over the hill, and around in circles.   We went where her nose took us.   I wanted to get to know a bit more about Molly on a “one on one” basis rather than just by following her around so we stopped for a while.   It turns out, not even Molly can resist my famous “ear rubs”.   

Molly and I started out walking with another walker and a dog named Annie.   Annie is a super sweet and very pretty dog.  Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that she is scared of the entire outside world.   It is something that makes me really sad.  All that Annie and Molly have probably really known is life in a small cage.   For Annie, it’s a safe place.   It’s where she can hide.   It’s secure.   It’s familiar.   When I watched both dogs, there is a sharp contrast between how they have handled their new situations.   Annie will need someone to help her out of her shell.  Molly has busted out and isn’t looking back.     It is this difference that really hammered home the lesson for today.
Molly is a great girl.   Full of life, energy, and curiosity.   I’m not sure how old she is, but I know she’s not a puppy.   She’s older, and surprisingly curious.   She does OK in her cage…but she loves being out in the world.   There’s no fear or trepidation.   There’s a ton of excitement.   She wants to learn.   She’s excited to take it all in.   She’s ready to see what this world has to offer her.   

Stay curious.   Keep an open mind.   Look for adventure outside of the normal.   That’s how you will continue to learn.   

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