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Monday, March 7, 2016

A different situation

There are situations in life that we know will happen and we do our best to prepare for them.   We try to predict our reactions and then try to steer ourselves down the desired path.   Today was one of those situations but my reaction to it was different than I expected.   I haven’t been able to confirm that he has been adopted, but Rudolph is no longer at the clinic.   That means that there is a chance that he has found his forever family.   Granted, he could still be at the adoption center, but I’m still overjoyed with even the possibility that he has been adopted into a warm, welcoming home.   In preparing for this moment, I expected that I would be a bit sad also.   I do miss my friend.   Amazingly, I didn’t feel sadness.   I am happy, but also confused about the future.   Things are changing.   Rudolph was the only dog that I had walked at One of A Kind.   It’s going to be different.   Who do I walk with?   How will we get along?   What will they teach me?   Will I be able to read them as well?   Kinda scary……..

Enter Molly.   It is my understanding that this little girl was part of a puppy mill and was literally brought to the clinic just a few hours before I arrived.   As soon as I saw her, I figured we’d be a good match as we shared 3 things in common right from the start.   
  1. We were both really excited
  2. We both need a haircut
  3. A bath could also do us both a lot of good
Seems like a good match to me!   

Dogs have very sensitive noses and do a lot with them, so think of her nose as your eyes for a minute.   Imagine that you have been in a drab box for most of your life and suddenly you’re out in the world with an explosion of colors.   Some people would hide their faces in fear.   Not Molly!   This girl had her nose to the ground and up to the sky.   She wanted to take it all in.   She was in awe of everything.   She was loving it!   She was confused, but she was excited.   She knew that although it’s totally different than what she was used to, but she also knew that it was better.   

My question about Molly being able to teach me was answered very quickly.   She picked right up where Rudolph left off.    It’s like he left her notes or something…”Dear Molly.  Please walk my human.   He’s a bit needy sometimes and talks a lot, but he’s good for dispensing treats if you do something cute…...”

Molly has no idea what’s going on.   Her whole world has been flipped upside down.   Everything that she’s known isn’t there.   She has experienced a huge change just as I have, and she’s totally embraced the good in it and the moment of it.   She doesn’t know her future.  None of us do.   She does know that the present is full of change, and it’s awesome.   She has embraced this change.  She’s loving it.   She’s taking the opportunity to enjoy it.   (As exemplified by the huge number of treats she conned me out of)   This is a dog that is excited to live.   She’s excited to learn and excited to do things.   She taught me to look at changes without fear and see what they actually are.   

Thanks Molly…...I’ll bring more treats.   You’ve earned it.

UPDATE: Rudolph was officially adopted. That's gotta make you smile. :)

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