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Monday, April 25, 2016

A week not to be weak

It’s been more than two weeks since I’ve been able to get to One Of A Kind Pets to go on a walk with a dog.   I’ve missed it.   In the same sense, I’ve been a bit busy to put it politely.   As I went through work today, I pondered taking the night off again and staying home to catch up on little things around the house.   I’m really glad I didn’t as it gave me some perspective that I think that I’ve been missing over the past few weeks.
One of the four seconds that he was sitting still
This guy is Bentley...AKA, Marshmallow.  I’m not sure how much he weighs, but I’m pretty sure that he can pull his weight….and mine….and yours.   This guy has more energy than 8 dogs combined.   He’s got a huge smile, jumps like he’s got springs for legs, and runs like his butt is on fire.   He is amazing!   If you think that you need an energy drink, go for a walk with Bentley.   His energy really is contagious is the best kind of way.   
I’m glad that I decided to walk a dog this evening as earlier in the day, I was pondering not going.   I’ve been a bit stressed with a number of things that are currently on my plate and I was worried that an animal shelter would only add to that.   If you ask anyone that’s been to an animal shelter, they know that it can be a very stressful place.   Lots of barking, confusion, and some fear are mixed with a lot of love and caring.   It turns out, it was a bit of a stress reliever for me and it seemed to be the same amount of stress relief for Bentley.   
After arriving, I was trying to figure out what dog I should be walking.   I walked into the room all of the way at the back eventually which is where I found Bentley.   If anyone needed a walk… was this guy.   He has probably put more miles on pacing in his cage today than most people have on their favorite pair of shoes.   He was like a spring.   He was winding up and had enough kinetic energy stored to power a small city for a number of hours.   
I heard the words “He’s a handful”.  
“Good.   So am I” are the words that went through my head.
Slobbering foot warmer
We headed for the park and for the first few minutes, I felt like I had an electrified jumping bean at the other end of the leash.   This guy was all over the place!   When we would stop for a few seconds, he would go from “run” mode to “jump” mode.   Eventually, it became playtime and he would paw and jump at my ankles trying to get me to play like another dog.   Sooooo…...I figure it was time we learned some doggie walking manners.   A firm “NO” combined with a yank on the leash and he melted into the world's best slobbering foot warmer.   A ball of energy that will listen once they know you mean business……...sounds like Irving!

It wasn’t until one of the other dog walkers said something that I had even thought about what I had been taught this evening.   I was told, “Glad you’re here.   You’re the perfect match to walk that dog.  He needed someone that could keep up and help wear him out.”   That’s when it really hit me.   

Someone needs your help.   You specifically.   You have skills that someone needs.   Go find them.   Go help them.   Both of your worlds will be better for it.

Tonight, I made a new friend and learned something about myself.   I learned that I can help in general.   I also learned that some of the things that make me who I am, can make me a perfect fit to help a specific someone.  Don't take my word for it. Please go learn this one for yourself.

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