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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Best of intentions

So at the suggestion of a few close friends, it’s time for me to start a blog.   I have always had the “gift of gab” and I have been told that I’m a wonderful storyteller.   After all, I’ve got some great stories!   Unfortunately, most of them were just entertaining stories with no real substance to them.   Recently, I’ve been doing some things that have made for some good stories with the added substance of having some great life lessons in them.   These are worth writing about.
There is a universal subject out there that everyone understands.   Gratitude.   We’ve all experienced it.   Someone has helped us with something in life that has meant a lot to us.   Ironically, it’s usually the smallest gestures that we are the most grateful for.   Isn’t it funny how that works?
So what does gratitude have to do with the title of this blog, “Learning by Helping”?   It may be different than you think.   Simply stated, I’ve found that what looks on the surface to be me helping someone, typically turns out to be me learning something incredible.   I have to look for it sometimes, but it’s there.   We all have different skills and tools.   We all have different experiences.   I’m glad I’m able to put myself out there to learn so much from others.  
This blog will be about my adventures in unintentionally learning wonderful lessons about life why intentionally trying to help someone else.   I hope that in passing these stories and lessons on will help to serve justice for the wonderful souls that showed me them.
Get involved. Get active.   Make a difference.    Never let “I want to help them all” prevent you from being all of the help to one.

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